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Introduction to the Nature of Anger

Anger is a natural emotion that is felt by any human being. For some, controlling anger can be hard for them and majority of the time the effects of this uncontrollable emotion can be very destructive. It can be the cause of various problems at work, your relationships with others and how you live your life.  If you feel that such is emotion is controlling your life, then you should find the best anger management technique for you. Before doing so, you should know what this emotion is all about.  

What is Anger?

This is an emotional condition that has different intensities from irritation to vehemence and rage.  Same as all other sensations, it comes with psychological and physiological changes. When you are angry, the level of your noradrenalin, adrenaline increases, and energy hormones, and the blood pressure and heart rate is very high. It can be caused by both internal and external events. One could feel angry at a particular individual (supervisor or coworker) or an event (cancelled flight, or traffic jam) or brooding on your private problems. Memories of tragic and enraging occurrences can also active anger.

Why are you angrier than others?

People who are following an anger management technique are much more “hotheaded” than some people.  There are people who keep their anger inside, but they are constantly grumpy and irritable. While easily angered individuals who always curse, break and throw lots of things.

Bear in mind that feeling angry cannot be permanently deleted or erased from your system.  You can’t control events and sooner or later lots of things can happen, which can trigger your fury. However, you can definitely change the way these events or people affect you by using techniques to control your anger. In this way, you won’t be able to hurt the people around you and live a happy life.

Knowing Anger Management and its Importance to Everyday Living

Do you normally flare up or get in fights and arguments? Feeling angry is completely a normal and a healthy sensation.  However, once this emotion gets out of hand, and happens constantly, it can greatly affect your relationship with others, your overall wellness and your mental

state. By getting more facts and info about the true reasons of your anger, knowing anger management and how to cope with your anger can definitely give you more ideas on how to stop your temper from taking over your life.


We currently hold ongoing anger management courses in Melbourne or in rural areas by arrangement. The course consists of 8 weekly ninety minute sessions and covers such topics as problem solving, assertiveness, managing angry thoughts, feelings and aggressive impulses. The program is run by a registered Psychologist or equivalently qualified practitioner. A certificate of completion is provided at the end of the course.

Individual counselling is also available. This is particularly helpful with individuals who have specific issues that need attention such as irrational anger, domestic violence or any anger out burst likely to leave others distressed. Sessions are private and confidential and are conducted by a counsellor or qualified Psychologist.


Scariest Facts about Anger and Rage


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