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List of Common Quotes on Anger - Control of Anger

Anger is an emotion that can never do good for others. It could destroy a friendship or a relationship that has strengthened for over years. No one wants to become mad. There are various ways on how to control anger, and self-control is often the useful way in managing one’s anger. Some often counts to 100 slowly and they become calmed down once they reach the 50th number. There are others who just close their eyes and will take a deep breath. There are a lot of motivational books and quotes on anger that can hold back anger in to a huge extent. Some are quotes on anger coming from famous writers and philosophers that could help in controlling one’s anger.

It entails a lot of practice in order to control the anger. One needs to stop the madness as soon as it happens because it can be often too late to let loose in just a few seconds. As soon as one gets mad, try to remember on the things that might go wrong when handing the problem. Think whether one will repent something to do momentarily. If a person lets anger overcome himself, the inner thought will never care about the consequences. If one starts thinking that way, he should think of the unfavorable consequences that might happen after dealing with anger.

There are certain tips on how to curb anger.

These are some quotes of anger that are proven to be quite effective in managing anger. The topmost priority in dealing with anger is to know and understand the common cause of anger. Knowing the root cause of the anger will help the person find ways on how to restrain the outburst of anger. Once the cause has been identified and there’s a way in controlling anger, a person will certainly sober from raging and know how to deal with that particular circumstance again.

Another point to ponder is to think of God and the consequences.

Though this quote might not work for atheists, but those who have faith in God should remember that He is always with them to help conquer one’s anger. A simple prayer can curb up initial rage that might outburst in any minute. It can really help to all people. Also, thinking of consequences can be a solution to manage anger according to Confucius. However, this is one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish when the person is angry. Once the person is mad, he can’t think of any consequences. Therefore, try to think about the situation, or recall your loved ones, this might help in curbing anger.

Lastly, count to 100.

This quote was claimed to be the most effective management in dealing anger. Try to ignore everything and anything around and start counting from 1 until the nerves are calmed down. It may even wok when counting using the fingers. Counting away the anger will certainly facilitate easing of the mind and controlling the rage within. According to Dr. Laurence Peter, when one speaks when angry, he will surely regret the best speech that he’d ever made. Thus, apply these tips in order to manage anger properly.


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