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Unveil the Ugly Face of Depression

Depression is the magnified form of loneliness or feeling sad. Everyone is susceptible to this kind of emotion yet when it already interferes with your normal daily routine, it is no longer normal. Depressive disorder develops when a person is already consumed with this extreme emotion of feeling down. Those who unfortunately grapple with a depressive disorder experience undermining his normal functioning which affects him and the people around him.

According to medically accepted terms, depressive disorder is characterised by other chronic mental problems. This includes withdrawal from any interpersonal or social interaction, less agitation or psychomotor retardation, loss of appetite and insomnia. Here are some other lists of the manifestations of depression:

  • The sufferer frequently experiences irritability

  • The sufferer feels restless and hopeless

  • There is a general feeling of negativity or pessimism. This is oftentimes associated with the tendency of the sufferer to always see the glass half empty.

  • There is a constant feeling of emptiness, anxiety and sadness.

  • There is a chronic tendency of being over-fatigue and decrease of energy level.

  • Patients often feel physiological aches and pains which seem not to get better. Some of the complaints include headaches, digestive problems and cramps.

  • Debilitating changes in sleeping patterns and eating habits.

  • Sufferers often lose interest in interpersonal and social relationships. He may also lose interest and enthusiasm in sex.

  • Sufferers experience suicidal thoughts. Others only think or obsess about them while some act on those thoughts resulting to serious self-infliction or death.

Depression could result to both physiological and emotional difficulties. Depressive disorder could trigger terminal ailments such as diabetes, cancer and Parkinson’s disease among others. Good thing there are innumerable effective treatment methods for those suffering from depressive disorder. Some of the most common treatments include prescription medications and therapies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT.



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