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What is Online Therapy?

Cyber-counselling or more commonly known as online therapy is a new method used by therapist or a counsellor in which they provide psychological support and advice online. It can take place through video conferencing, email, internet phone or online chat.

While online therapy can be very effective and beneficial, it should never be used in place of traditional therapy nor should it be regarded as psychotherapy. E-therapy can be likened to life-coaching wherein online therapists offer advice and guidance to those suffering from problems in their work, relationships or life. However, these therapists will never be able to diagnose or treat mental illness over the internet. But even with these limitations, e-therapy is increasingly becoming a valuable option for many consumers.

How It Works

If you've chosen online therapy as a means to get your much needed professional help, then you would need any of the following tools to communicate with your therapist:

  1. Instant Messaging (IM)
  2. E-mail
  3. Real-Time Chat
  4. Videoconferencing
  5. Internet Phone

Benefits of Online Therapy

If you're very busy, then you'll find it next to impossible to schedule your appointments with your therapist. But sitting down for an online session, can save so much of your precious time. Instead of rushing to reach your therapist's office on time, you only need to turn on your computer and receive a therapeutic help at the comfort of your own home.
Aside from saving your time, online therapy can also save you some money. Most people can't afford traditional therapy because of its relatively high cost. This is true especially when the issue at hand is the loss of a job. How can you pay for something so expensive when you don't have the means to earn enough money for it? But with online therapy you can save a fortune and get the support you need to overcome your problems.


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