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Anger Counselling

Anger is one of the most negative features of our nature that we need to control. Have you ever felt angry or frustrated? What happens when we are angry?  What happens most of the time is that our emotions get the better of us. If you are not sure, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you flare up daily?
  2. Have you ever hurt somebody in a fit of anger?
  3. Do you utter certain words that you regret or feel embarrassed about later on?
  4. Have you broken or smashed anything like glass when you were angry?
  5. Do you get upset about little happenings?
  6. Do you start arguing rashly because of anger?
  7. Have you ever hurt anyone in your family in a paroxysm of rage?
  8. Does drinking alcohol make you angry?
  9. Do you tend to hurt yourself or others when you run into rage?
  10. Do you get angry because of your domestic affairs?
  11. Does office work exasperate you?
  12. Do you feel embarrassed while communicating with others?
  13. Do you often feel angry while driving?

If your answer to most of these questions is affirmative, you need anger management counselling. Professional advice and counseling for anger management will help you get at the root of your problem. The counselor will suggest some treatment for anger and help you feel better about yourself.

Anger counselling will help you get along more harmoniously with your family, friends and colleagues. It will also help you express yourself better and you will acquire a firmer control over your temper and emotions.

Before you find the right anger counselor, you should try to learn and practice some tips on anger management.

Try and think positively and see better points in others, especially those who make you angry more often.

  1. Try to control your emotions and do not let them control you.
  2. Try to leave the situation of anger for a short while so that you can become calm.
  3. Try to laugh away your negative thinking.
  4. Take deep breaths when you feel angry.
  5. Write your feelings on anger on a paper or a notebook.
  6. Learn to meditate and do some light physical yogic exercises

What is Counseling?

Our society is full of many myths about counselling. Some people think that when you seek counselling, you're on the verge of being sent to the psychiatric ward. Others think it is only for the weak or for those who are so much into themselves. Still there are those who think counselling is for those who want to be analysed mentally. The truth is none of these defines counselling.

So then what is counselling? Counselling is for people to receive the proper help in facing issues in their lives by interacting with a professional counsellor. Counseling helps people gain a better perspective of their emotions, behavior, and relationships. It offers a proper environment for people to express their feelings and help them know more about their patterns of thinking. It alleviates their negative feelings of depression, anxiety, and anger. It helps them communicate properly which can help them deal with frustration and conflict more effectively. It is one great way to help people deal with pain and give meaning to their lives.
Counselling can help you be empowered. If you have fears and you want to be bolder in facing them and you want to gain more from life and you want to achieve both your personal and professional goals, then counselling is for you.  Counselling can do all these through any of the following: instruction, advice giving, skill development, process opinion and/or consultation.

So if you think that your feelings are increasing and disturbing you more and more, then you should consider getting help as soon as possible. While it is true that finding the right therapist could be very difficult, with a little research you'll most likely find the right person and get your much needed help in no time. Go online and you'll see a huge amount of resources for finding the right therapist or you can ask your friend who has already used one in the past.


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