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Are You In a State of Depression?

Learning to understand how depression manifests itself can be the most important step in being able to change your state of mind and lift you beyond the quagmire of this debilitating condition.

Study your life these days. Do you feel uncomfortable? Do you feel exhausted in everything you do? If your answer is yes to both questions, you are almost certainly in a state of depression. How do you get to know if you are currently under this situation? Let us find it out.

The starting point of this is when your mind is full of different things that you don’t know which one to think first. There’s probably a list of things to do stored in your mind, but suddenly, you came to a point when you’re not sure of what to prioritize. When you have previously set a plan and you can’t make it up now, you are mentally disturbed in that case. This is a strong indicator that you are depressed.

Losing your appetite is also one. This would affect your physical set up. Look at yourself in a mirror. Do you see sudden changes such as becoming thin? Do your eyes still have the same shade? Can you still groom yourself the way you usually do? Physical change is also an intense indicator that you are under a difficult situation. If you think you look paler nowadays, don’t let this pass on the possibilities that you maybe are depressed.

Losing your interest in doing your job or performing something is another one. When you feel like you don’t have the strength to act on something or when you seemed to perform badly, there is indeed something bothering you which is depression.

Being in a depressed situation is really hard and dangerous. However, it is your choice on how you would act on it. There are several ways on how to let treat its attack but in choosing your way to get out of it, choose the positive and healthier ways.


Anger and Depression: When the Going Gets Tough

There is a very thin line between anger and depression. These two are interconnected with each other. Anger is an intense and natural emotion which could become uncontrollable when not properly managed. When a person feels extremely angry, it could lead to more self-destructive results. Depression is one of these devastating outcomes of intense and irrepressible anger.

What is depression and how can it affect one’s life?

Depression is medically defined as the state of chronic mental disorder manifested by feelings of despair, low self-reproach and esteem, extreme sadness and loneliness. There are other accompanying or related symptoms such as vegetative states, insomnia or loss of appetite. Others experience psychomotor retardation or most frequent agitation. Social withdrawal is another tangible sign of depression.

Are there other negative effects of excessive anger?

Other than depression, there are other emotional or mental problems which could spring out of unresolved anger. This includes eating disorders, self-infliction or injury, moodiness, low self-confidence, alcohol and drug abuse. Physiological disorders also develop with overpowering anger. This includes headaches, backache, high blood pressure or hypertension, insomnia, stroke and heart attack. Other symptoms are lower pain threshold, skin disorders, irritable bowel syndrome and digestive tract disorders and weakened immune system.

About anger management

Anger management is a scientific approach which is recommended for patients suffer from overwhelming and destructive anger issues. This procedure is designed to help patients identify and determine the triggering factors of their anger. Once the root of the problem is pinpointed, there are plan of actions to follow in dealing with the issue.

Anger and depression is not a very good combination. When anger or rage already results to mental disorders and behavioural problem such as depression, this calls for intervention. Good thing there are anger management treatments and therapies to help solve this problem.


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