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Positive Affirmations

Affirmations to remove anger and negative thinking

I am a positive person unaffected by the negative thougths of others.

I am a powerful person unaffected by the negative words and attitudes of others.

Negative thinking is a bad habit that I choose to stop

I now decide to create thoughts that bring my peace and happiness.

I fill my mind with beautiful and benefical thoughts

I have a strong mind and I am not affected by the negative thoughts of others.

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There are things that may not go according to your will. Of course, it always brings negative impact to you causing you stress and pressure. However, if you really have a certain goal that you need to achieve, no matter how many times you fail. You will always have that determination to stand up no matter what. When you fail seven times, and then stand up eight times.

Always have a positive and optimistic mindset, set your goals and dreams. This way, you will achieve the positive affirmation in life. This is the force that drives every individual to think positively and directly. They said that when you practice it daily, it will bring you more positivity and power to attain your dreams.

It might be hard to develop a stronger positive mindset, especially if you are the type of person whom likely to give up when you stumbled once. Of course, no one can blame these types of people since no one knows their past or present and what type of life they are living. However, if you are one of the thousands of people who belong in this group isn’t it the right time to change yourself for the better?

Every individual is different, and they do have different ways of thinking. If your body won’t move for you, use the power of your mind. Think positively and avoid pessimistic views in life. Using the mind to create a strong strategy is the best thing they could do.

Through positive affirmation you will be given the chance to prove yourself again. When you believe in or on something, make it come true. If you aspire, dream and set your goals already move and do it. By creating a simple action in attaining what you really want. You are also providing yourself the best decision in life.

For everyone to do this, they need to check and acknowledge their negative thoughts. Why? Because if you intend to automatically divert your attention in the positive thoughts, it is like you are escaping from your negative sides. This is not good. You need to settle everything, and that involves everything, no more, no less.

Identify all your negative thoughts that would mostly arouse everytime you feel like you failed already. For example, in a long test you know you study hard the previous night. But the result is not something you expected. You received marks that are lower than you expected. The first thing that would probably enter your mind would be, you are dull and not smart enough all over again reducing your confidence. And this is the scenario that would appear in every incident that involves failure and such.

That kind of mindset is replaceable and changeable. It means you can change it from negative to positive. As part of the positive affirmation you need to alter your way of thinking positively. Instead of telling yourself you are not smart enough, why not say ‘I will do my best next time?’ or ‘I will study and do this a week before the test?’ Also you can tell yourself, I am not happy today, but I will be happy tomorrow. I am lucky; I am healthy and other positive sentences.


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