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Teen Anger Management

The teenage years are a very critical phase in every individual’s life, often being a period dominated by turbulent emotions. Although some teenagers manage to scrape through without any problems and sail smoothly into the next stage of their lives, there are some who need to manage and control their anger and emotions. Teen anger management helps teens to recognise the effects of uncontrolled anger and assists the teenager to manage it better.

Teenagers are highly likely to face pressures from peer groups, parents and teachers, and are hence bound to feel frustrated at one time or the other. However, proper teen anger management should be taught to them so that they can deal with the emotion of anger in a positive and constructive way.

Physical abuse, verbal lashings, and other destructive behaviour are some common outlets of anger among teenagers. Even sulking and withdrawing from others are some ways in which teenagers vent their anger. Both the aforementioned outlets are destructive not only to others, but also to themselves. Hence, teen anger management is a basic requirement for every teen who exhibits signs of uncontrolled anger.

The first step towards making an effective teen anger management is helping the teenager to understand the roots of his or her anger. Usually, anger is a result of other factors such as rejection, frustration, failure and pressure. Therefore, it becomes mandatory to understand the underlying causal factor which leads teens to lose control over their anger.

Besides gaining an idea of the causal factor of angry outbursts, parents or counsellors should also discuss any problem that is bothering the individual and try to share experiences which can help the teen to think and act positively. Understanding the cause of anger and discussing their problems helps parents or other counsellors to suggest and advise teenagers to react to those anger-stimulating factors in some alternate ways.

Anger as an emotion is beyond the control of every human being, and especially teenagers who try and cope up with many pressures in their lives; however, expressing anger in a socially acceptable and desirable way is what teen anger management all about.



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