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Anger Management Tip

Here is just one master tip that will rid you not only of your anger but almost every other negative feature of your nature and temperament. It is one key that can open all the locks of human nature and the problems arising out it.

When you say “I am angry", or, "I don’t like a particular person or a situation”, have you ever thought who is this “I” which is saying all that?
Or, for that matter who is “you” or “he” when you refer to others in context of your interaction with others?

Can you identify which part of your personality is “I”? Is it your mind/heart, mouth or brain which is speaking? If you refer to any of these faculties as “I”, why can’t people speak when they goes into a coma?

Take another situation. We refer to our body, organs, hands, head, heart, legs, eyes, belongings, relatives and friends as “my” or “mine”. Again what does this “my or mine” refer to?

The truth is that these pronouns refer to some other identity which controls the body, its organs, thoughts and actions. This identity is not the body or any of its organs including the mind, the heart or the brain. This identity may reside in the human body, work within it and through it, but is distinct from it. Of course that power or identity works through the cooperation of the human organs, but is still separate from the body.

This controlling faculty is the soul or the spirit. When the organs become partially or completely dysfunctional, the soul either becomes overtly silent or leaves the body altogether. The body is considered useless and is cremated or buried.

Once we understand that our “I” is our soul, most of the ills of our interpersonal interactions are remedied at once. We must understand and remember that we are souls whose original, primal nature is joy, peace, non-violence and happiness; that no outside agency can trigger in us any feeling or reaction that is contrary to our original nature of peace and happiness.

Once we learn to imbibe this feeling through regular and daily affirmations such as “I am a peaceful, blissful, pure and strong soul” and make it our confirmed habit, we will overcome not only our anger but all other vices also that give us pain and unhappiness. We will start seeing our life in a new perspective and remain happy and peaceful in all circumstances.

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