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Anger in Men - What Causes it and How to Deal with it

It is not easy to notice anger in men mainly because they are very good at hiding them.

They just keep silent; however, once they cannot hold their anger anymore, they will suddenly explode. They can slap someone or they will shout until they feel better. If you are a man, are you like this? How can we say that a man is angry and when does a man get angry?

Just like in a woman, you can say that a man is angry by his facial expression and definitely, by his actions. There are also some who will show that they are angry through their words.

What causes anger in men?

First, a man can get angry if he feels that he is not lovable, that no one loves him and pays attention to him. He can also get angry because he fails in his goals or if he fails to fulfill his needs. Rejection is also another reason why some men get angry. Most men will also get angry if they are abandoned.

Therefore, if your boyfriend or husband or brother is angry, then probably, he is experiencing any of the mentioned causes. To ease his anger, you must try to comfort him and show your love. Do not add to the insult by telling that nobody loves or cares for him as this can have a very bad effect to them.

Men do not get angry easily, but once they get angry, they can be dangerous as they can hurt people physically. That is why, as a wife or sister or girlfriend, you should be understandable, you should be supportive and you should be cautious of the causes of anger in men. With this, you can be sure of a happy and peaceful relationship between you and your couple, boyfriend or brother.

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Managing Anger

Management of anger is necessary because it helps in controlling one powerful emotion in the life of a person. Stress can burden a person and sometimes this is accompanied by anxiety.  Once this happens, it is very easy to lose control of one’s temper even for the very minor reasons.  One can lose their temper from time to time; however, there are some people who have uncontrollable rage.  When they get angry, it is like a storm and the end-results for this regular occurrence may not be too favorable.

Before one can learn about the proper management of anger, one must first understand and accept the fact that it is not so much about the situation that caused the sparks to heat in one.  It is more about taking responsibility for one’s actions. Once a person learns how to deal with this, they will be able to begin on their journey in managing anger using some powerful techniques.  Here are some of the strategies one can use in the management of anger.

The first strategy in the management of anger is known as timeout. 

In this technique, one begins to count up to ten once they feel they are about to get frustrated or anxious.  This is effective since it helps one to lose focus on the triggering factor making the anger diffuse.  By taking time to count up to ten, one indirectly acknowledges that they are beginning to feel a sort of negativity that might lead to anger.  This allows one to think logically of better ways of dealing with the said emotion.

Another strategy in the management of anger is walking away and getting space. 

As one walks away, he gets the chance to calm down, think about the events that have taken place, and think about the right solution for it.

There are many techniques available.  But the two mentioned above plus some relaxation skills daily will help one stay calm and controlled in managing one’s emotions to do effective management of anger in the future.


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