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Cognitive Therapy as a Stress Management Technique

Sometimes it looks like you can't do anything to combat stress. The bills keep on coming, you can't extend the number of hours in a day, and you can't balance between your career and your family responsibilities. When stress is already getting the better of you, consider enrolling in a cognitive therapy to help you.

In fact, cognitive therapy is an effective treatment for various issues such as depression, anxiety disorders, and even severe stress. If your stress is causing you to have mood disorders or is merely creating horrible feelings that keep you from living a normal and happy life, you'll find that cognitive therapy or even a combination of cognitive and behavioural therapies is a very effective treatment.

The thought behind cognitive therapy is that it's not just the things happening in our lives that trigger our stress, it's also the way we consider these things. For instance, being caught in traffic may be considered by a person to be an opportunity to relax and listen to some music while to another person it may be considered as a waste of time. Therapists who employ cognitive therapy help clients to recognize and dispel these negative thoughts. Cognitive therapy can offer a quicker relief than other therapeutic approaches. Often, 3-4 weeks of cognitive therapy can already produce results.

If you're interested in working with a professional to help you manage your stress, ask your doctor or friends for a good referral. You may also find a good therapist online. When talking to a potential therapist, ask him about his experience with the cognitive therapy, or better yet, contact someone who specializes in his approach.



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