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Common Anger Management Techniques in Controlling Temper

Everyone has experienced anger in certain point of their lives. Some may have gotten so mad that their faces turn red and they even scream or cry. Others may even throw things when they got angry. However, there are people who know how to control their anger. They have been employing anger management techniques in order for them to prevent a wreck on their personal and professional life. Managing anger can be quite challenging. However, trying some of the anger management techniques will help a person control his temper and live a wonderful life. Below are some of the common techniques used in managing anger and temper.

The first technique of most people employ when they get mad is to take a deep breath and slow down. Most of the time, individuals tend to start moving and working at a furious pace when they become angry. The fast pace of their actions is caused by fight-or-flight reaction of the body in response to the increased adrenaline from a certain trigger. One may sometimes forget to slow down when they start experiencing the pace. When this happens, take three deep breaths, breathing in through the nose and exhaling slowly through the mouth. The increased oxygen provides a calming effect on the nervous system, thus counteracting the adrenaline that is rushing through the body. This will also provide time to assess the situation calmly and look for a way of handling it.

Another effective anger management technique is to take a walk. Walking for a few minutes following the feeling of bursting the anger will ward off the temper. Take a pet for a walk, stroll around the neighborhood, or head out on the balcony and do stretching. Simple exercise of any kind can relieve stress and anger. Once the anger squanders away, one will be able to look for a solution to whatever the problem that triggers the madness and anger. Regular exercise can be a way to eliminate stress and anger. Walking for several times in a week can relieve bouts about anger.

Talking to a friend can be used in managing anger. Telling the queries and negative emotions to a friend can help relieve anger. Also, writing in a journal can be effective when a friend is not available. The act of getting the temper out and venting thoughts can be enough to dispel anger and help people searching for solutions to their whereabouts. Remember to listen to friend’s problems also. Listening to their problems will not only help them, but it will provide one a different perspective about their problems.

Lastly, learn to put a smile on the face. Once the rage is starting to build up, just try to paint a smile on the face. It might sound stupid, but it is very effective. Smile and hold it for few seconds. It can be quite challenging to smile when upset. However, it is proven that it is harder for someone to stay upset when his colleague is smiling in him. It will not only facilitate calming down of the nerves, but it will also help diffuse anger.



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