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Deal With Anger & Its Physical Symptoms

Experiencing anger means dealing with the emotion and its physical manifestations. There are various signs that you are getting furious at something or someone. Although in most common and popular cases anger is known to be behavioural, there are exterior and tangible symptoms. When you feel excessively angry, you have a really pounding heart. Your respiration increases or also known as heavy breathing. You have shaking hands, red face and your visions could even get blurry. Deal with anger to avoid the physical symptoms which could be even threatening to your overall health and wellness.

There are actually two very useful methods which could be used in managing anger and its exterior or physical manifestations:

  1. Deep Breathing. This technique allows your body to get more oxygen. It also enables you to decrease or regulate your heart rate. Feeling angry means your adrenaline rush is imminent and it could aggravate behaviour. Taking a deep breath could help you slow down or decrease adrenaline rush. You can have a rhythmic and slow breathing pattern which is done through breathing through your diaphragm and not the chest. Deep breathing is a great way to deal with anger. It eases and relaxes the muscles and eliminates tension. It could even help you regain control and composure.
  2. PMR or Progressive Muscle Relaxation. This is a relaxation approach which is done to systematically relax and ease the major muscle groups in the entire body. It addresses the tense or tight areas in the body and releases the tension. It helps get rid of the lingering effects of anger including muscle aches and tension.


To deal with anger particularly its physical symptoms is quite easy. The most effective techniques could not only make a big improvement in your physical state. Getting rid of anger also means healthier lifestyle.



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