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Dealing with one's Anger

Anger is a normal feeling when one is attacked, violated, or injured. Having it is a natural instinct in being human and in the art of survival. Anger can be directed towards a person, an animal, or a stressor. The expression of anger can be direct or indirect.

Feelings of anger can be expressed or repressed, but no matter how a person is dealing with anger, it is practically all up to them. Nobody can tell them this is how they should do it because no two persons are the same. The way he is dealing with it might be better for him. But unless one is having a difficult time trying to work things out, help can be found. Here are some suggestions on how one can begin dealing with anger properly.

The first thing to do is to learn how to be assertive.  Being assertive is different from being aggressive. The former means telling the other person about the anger and what's causing it so that a proper solution can be found. The latter is simply being straightforward. The act of being assertive can be learned through several training and personality development sem inars.

The second thing is to care for oneself. This includes eating a balanced diet and getting a regular exercise to remain healthy. A person who is less stressed will be less irritable and will be less likely to become angry.  Other than that it will boost one's self-esteem by having a leaner body and a better muscular tone.

The third thing to consider in dealing with anger is examining behavioral patterns. Sometimes a person would carry on the traits and behaviors shown by their parents.  The pattern is usually carried on by the children as they grow older. One cannot change how he was brought up, but he can alter some of the things to make it better.

For the fourth thing, try to acknowledge hurts and pains from the past. If one was abused as a child or has lost a loved one, this might cause one to have repressed feelings. One might not realize why he is easily angered and may not know the reason for it. By examining oneself, one might learn about this.  By forgiving those who've hurt him, he might be able to move on and have peace within himself.

When one gets the feeling of being angry, they should stop for a moment and think. They should breathe deeply and count from one to ten before saying anything. 

If one feels that the situation is too difficult to handle because they are so angry, and they can't think.  Or that they would cause trouble if they stay, then it is best to walk away from the stressor.

Lastly, in dealing with anger find out what the reasons are for that said anger. If it is a thing of the present or of the past, find out ways by which this can be resolved with the other person. Do it calmly.


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