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Is your Man Angry?

Have you ever asked yourself if your dad/boyfriend/brother/husband is angry?

Most of the time, anger in men is hard to recognize especially if one does not know well the man. This is because men are not that naturally expressive of their emotions. However, when provoked, they can become verbally or physically brutal.

Like in women, anger in men is also triggered by rejections, guilt, low self-esteem, failure, helplessness, inability to solve problems, making wrong decisions and other stimulants from the workplace, environment and at home. The main factor that causes anger in men is the feeling of helplessness when they feel that they are not good enough to protect their family or someone close to them or when they compare themselves to other men who can do better than them. This kind of anger can cause depression because as the man feels angry to himself, he will slowly (sometimes, suddenly) lose his self-confidence. When anger in men is caused by intrinsic factors, then it is really hard to recognize whether they are angry or not. To avoid escalating this “hidden” anger, women (also men) should learn how to be observant so that they will know if someone is angry or not. In this case, physical and verbal abuses caused by anger will be minimized if not totally eliminated.

According to some psychologists, there are men who just get angry (snap, hurt anyone close to them or destroy house furniture). They do not know the reason why they are getting angry. In order to help men with this anger, it is important that the man concerned will submit himself to counseling in order to identify what is causing his anger. People who are dealing with men who have this kind of anger should find ways to help them instead of giving up on them.



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