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What is anger?

Anger is most often caused by unexpressed frustrations, unmet goals, and difficult expectations of a person.  Sometimes it is shown in order to defend one’s self-esteem in situations where one’s ego is belittled.  It could also stem from stress, anxiety, and too much physical exhaustion.  It could be triggered by many things.

Expression of anger is healthy if it is done the proper way.  It allows resolution of issues and conflicts through verbalization of frustrations.

The manners at which these emotions are expressed differ from person to person. Some are able to handle their anger properly while there are also some who struggle with controlling their temper.  Some when provoked would immediately get hot-tempered, shouting harsh remarks and curse the other person.  Others when mad might even throw objects.  If anger is suppressed, it could lead to stronger and more dangerous reactions later,  so the sooner it can be expressed, the better it is.

Counseling Psychologist

Psychology is a way of treatment wherein the medication is not of use to the patient nor to the psychologist. The doctor and the patient deal with issues being presented with communication sessions wherein the patient is to express themselves either verbally or through written or artistic ways. This is said to be a healthy way to help a person grow and realize things about them that might have been hidden in the past.

A Counseling Psychologist is the regular type of psychologist who is most commonly encountered in such occasions when you are in search of a way in which to release your stress on a professional. These psychologists have gone through their training and have had the proper education in order deal with such issues, and you can be sure that you are in good hands when you hire one.



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