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Strategies Used In Management of Anger

It is very important to have management of anger under control least it controls us. To properly manage it there are suggested strategies that we could use:

  • To find agreement with another person rather than conflict – most of us would find it hard to agree with the things and ideas of another person especially if they are amongst our love ones like our spouse, mother, father, siblings, boyfriend, or anyone who are near and dear to us. Being in agreement would help us in managing our anger and can help us distress some part of our life.
  • Learn deep breathing – before you let your steam out always remember to do breathing especially deep and longer ones also use counting methods while you’re at it to help you control your emotions and feelings. This is one effective and easy way to do management of anger.
  • Do meditation – in your spare time you can apply the teachings of meditation to help you control your feelings, emotion and a lot of things that you always thought of and can ignite you to anger, having this can also give you a lot of thinking and you can evaluate yourself on why you are always in anger.
  • Walk away from argument, if you can – before an argument goes out of hand, try to walk away to clear your mind and stop yourself from saying the things that shouldn’t be said. This is also one way to give control to your emotions and help you think straight.
  • Drink water (lots of it) – sometimes when our emotion are out of control or is too high our heart also palpitates and we lose ourselves because of emotions. Drinking a lot of cold water can relieve us of these sudden feeling and also help us to breathe properly. Drinking water will also force us to think properly and stop any harsh words, and actions from happening.
  • Cognitive restructuring – most people who easily gets angry also thinks differently or bad about their life or themselves. They tend to curse, say a lot of negative words and colorful ones when angry. Always choose your words well because our way of thinking can also influence our attitude and how we perceive things that can lead us to getting angry. Remember to use logic in every situation that you are in because logic can defeat anger, because anger even if justified can quickly become irrational.
  • Problem solving – sometime because of our problems in life this can also lead us to become angry. Have someone to confide with so that it can help you in having a logical solutions.
  • Better communication – angry people tend to act and jump to circumstances without proper thinking that tends to be wild and lead to anger.
  • Using Humor – there are instances or circumstances in your life that when applied with humor would tend to lighten things up thereby helping you in management of anger in any of your sticky situation. Learn to do this so that troubles can be put at bay.

Whatever strategies and tips you’ll use that will benefit you in controlling this excessive emotion would be better rather than having yourself explode in anger thus letting you do bad and dangerous things in life.


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