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Causes of Stress Leading to Anger

Life Crises.

Life crises that occur early in your life can have an adverse effect later on. Research has proved that although you may think that you have gotten over all your stress, emotional experiences encountered previously will not manifest themselves until later on.

The highest cause of stress can be linked to the death of a spouse or a truly loved one, then followed by divorce or marital separation. From this, it can be deduced that conflicts in relationships involving those close to you have the potential to cause the highest form of stress.

Stress at work.

As humans, in order to support ourselves, we spend most of our time working. Occupational stress can occur because of factors at work, causing the worker disruption in their psychological or physical well being.

Stress can be caused by the high expectations our boss has of us, or the amount of work we have to do by a certain time. It can lead to some serious health problems.



Social Networks Disintegration

As stated before, relationships are the most important factor in a person's physical and psychological well being. Thus, if someone close to you were to pass away, you would most probably be seriously affected by their departure. The grief would cause you to isolate yourself, breaking down your ability to hold down relationships with others.This create a feeling of emptiness and breeds negative thoughts and feelings towards the self and others. Any of the above will create stress and anxiety that will lead to anger. It is essential to understand the causes of stress so that you can reduce the ill effects of prolonged stress.


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