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Men in Stress - The Ugly Truth

It would be unfair to say that men in stress are the only ones who need the help since women and even children have their bouts with this dilemma. Nevertheless, men are more prone to stress and its innumerable, ugly aftermath because of a lot of reasons. For instance, men are generally the provider of the family. The society also expects much from men especially in places or countries still nurturing the machismo mentality. Hence, it helps to learn and understand how men are in constant struggle with stressors everywhere. Moreover, knowing the triggering factors could lead to learning and developing the defences to combat stress.

Job pressures is one of the many and topmost factors why a lot of men are struggling with stress in an everyday manner.

Working in the office especially if you entered the ultra-challenging corporate world could definitely promise you not only opportunities to prosper. There are a lot of stressors in the workplace specifically in scenarios where there is a constant rat race to be the best in your work. Some of the stressors men encountered in their jobs include dealing with demanding bosses, tension between co-workers and getting work overload. Good thing there are companies offering support services and programs to help employees deal with stress in the workplace.

Money worries and economic problems also cause a lot of stress.

There are several causes attributed and connected to this factor including loss of job. Others encounter catastrophic medical expenses which considerably and significantly affects their financial resources and capabilities. There are also instances when retirement income is reduced hence a person must also make life changing decisions. Financial concerns skyrocket especially in the reality of the worldwide recession. Men in stress and similar situations could find assistance from financial counsellors who could help them alleviate their stress through dealing with and reducing money problems. There are options given to finally come up with workable solutions.

Health concerns especially unexpected ones potentially become stressful issues in a person’s life. There are health crises which could take a blow to one’s entire life especially serious ailments such as cancer and the likes. Chronic or terminal illnesses have long term implications not only to the patient but the entire family as well. Poor nutrition is a related issue to health concerns and stressors. Well-nourished bodies could help a person avoid stress. In fact, healthier body is proven to be the first line of defence of a person to combat stress. Vitamins and supplements are important as well as balanced diet.

Stress in men often manifests itself in the form of anger, because there is a bitter inner battle going on inside the mens' minds. This battle is like a lone soldier trying to combat an army.

Men don't acknowledge their weakness and will often blame others, which only makes matters worse. Men tend to become more stressed than women, because of their inherent trait to lash out at the outer world if their inner world has spiralled out of control. This only leads to more and more stress as he continues to become more and more isolated.

It is essential for males to break down these barriers and admit that they need help from others. When we reach out, we find that there are others in a similiar situation to ours, and that sharing the pain will lesson its effects.

Other than the aforementioned factors, men in stress encounter their dilemma due to relationship problems and media overload. Situations which could definitely stress you out in a relationship include divorce or the sudden death of a husband or wife. Media overload especially over exposure of someone to radio, the internet, television and social networking could definitely result to stress as well. Sometimes it helps to inhibit for a little while from such media to reduce stress level.





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