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Tips on How to Manage Children and Anger

Anger is a negative feeling though it is really normal to feel and show it. Like adults, children have this behavior. Children usually don’t understand what they are going through. Tantrums are usually normal for a child. When they can’t explain what they felt, anger arises. It is better to talk to your children when they are angry. Their line of thinking is not the same as adult so parents have to deal with their children showing off some negative attitude.

Here are tips for Children and anger:

  • Comment on your child’s behavior especially if he does something good. Praising the child on things he has achieved can make him realize that he is good and he can be appreciated. Treat him as things happened normally.
  • Teachers have also part in child’s behavior. Commenting on his good attitude can take away ill feelings.
  • Hug your child when he is angry. This is one way to lessen what he is feeling. The magic of a mother’s hug and touch is always needed by the children.
  • You don’t have always to say no. This will just develop your child’s anger. Yes, as a parent you set rules within your house. But sometimes you have to consider your child’s feelings. If you always say no, he will just get angry because he cannot understand the reason for such rule. Explain why it is a no and explain also why you say yes. Be firm when you say it is no. But it depends on the situation. Sometimes an affirmative answer can lighten up your child’s face. Explain the situation. Don’t assume that your child can understand everything.
  • When a child is angry, it is better to let it out. Suppressing or denying it can just make the anger worst. It is nice if there’s an outlet within your home to lessen your child’s anger. He can play with his ball and throw it to and fro if he is angry. Doing it repeatedly can lessen his tantrums.
  • Never lose your attention to your child. One source of child’s anger is lack of parents’ attention. The whys in their minds can trigger their anger. As a child, they are dependent to their parents and they can’t understand if you lose interest in what they are doing. Make sure that even if you are a busy parent provide quality time to your children.
  • Always lend a helping hand and listen to their frustrations. Maybe your child is experiencing difficulty in his study and it is making him mad. You can share the feeling to him but at the end try to resolve his little problem. If he realizes that the task can be accomplished, the madness will disappear.


Children and anger is sometimes hard to deal with but as a parent, you are the only one who can understand his feelings. Always approach your child in a manner that he can feel your comfort, love and understanding. Anger can easily disappear when dealt with positive approach.



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