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Easy-to-Follow Anger Management Activities

People become angry and this is totally natural. Anger only becomes abnormal and destructive when it is chronic, excessive and spins out of control. The great news is that you could find a lot of anger management activities and tips to combat the distressing outcome of anger. What are effective techniques to manage and eventually get rid of excessive and irrepressible rage?

Here are some recommended activities and exercises practised during anger management courses:

  • Deep breathing. Taking a deep breath could help ease the physiological manifestations of anger. Deep breathing exercises are basically designed and found effective in counteracting increased body tension during a feat of rage. Concentrate on your breath as you inhale and exhale. Focus on the breath so that your mind is curbed away from the very source and trigger of your anger. Deep breathing is recommended than shallow breathing to totally relax the body. Hence you must breathe by your diaphragm and not the chest.
  • Stretching and massaging. These two are actually alternatives if full-fledged exercising is not possible. Massaging and stretching and effective physiological ways of relieving the deep-seated feelings of rage. It basically have benefits particularly relief of muscle tension. Common areas of the body which are massaged during a furious feat include the neck, temples, scalp and shoulders.
  • Meditation. This is one of the most common and highly preferred methods to calm down and relax. Meditating helps a person concentrate and empty his mind. This means getting rid of thoughts and ideas which could trigger and fuel the anger.


Anger management activities are effective especially when done with self-discipline and determination. Being angry is definitely natural. It could be properly channelled and expressed to yield positive outcomes. When rage becomes totally out of control, it is high time you get the help you need.


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