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Depression Facts

Feeling unhappy once in a while is pretty common to people.  However, once the despair and emptiness that you feel won’t get away, this might mean that you are depressed.  Such feeling can make it hard for you to do your day-to-day living and you’ll miss to enjoy life.  Even surviving and making through such a long day is too tiring for you. Don’t worry, regardless of how gloomy you feel, you can and will get better. First and foremost, you need to get a better understanding of your depressed-state.

Understanding a Depressed Individual

Sadness is a typical reaction and result once an individual has experience certain disappointments and setbacks. A number of people use such word to give explanation to this kind of feeling.  However, bear in mind that being depressed is not just being gloomy and sad.

For some, they describe this state as if they were in a black hole or thinking that everything is going to end.  But, there are depressed individuals who do not feel miserable at all – They may experience a feeling of emptiness, lifelessness or for men, they may have feelings of anger, restlessness or aggressiveness.

 It does not matter what the signs are, depression is way different from the usual sadness, with that said, it swallows you, and it can interfere your effectiveness while working and hinder you from having fun.

Are you feeling miserable or depressed?

Being depresses can differ from one individual to another. However, there are common symptoms that can help you identify if that person is experiencing such disorder.  The more you have these symptoms and the longer the time span of such feelings, the higher the possibility that you have depressive disorder.

Depression: Common Symptoms and Signs

  • Hopeless and helpless feelings.  Having an unwelcoming mindset. Always thinks that everything is getting worst and you cannot do anything to solve your problem.
  • Uninterested with Daily Activities. Loose interest with previous hobbies, social activities, sex or pastimes.  You are incapable of feeling happiness and pleasure.
  • Change in Weight and Appetite. Significant and fast weight gain or weight loss. There is a change of approximately five percent of one’s body weight in just a month.
  • Changes in Sleeping Habits.  Its either you will oversleep (hypersomnia) or you won’t have any sleep at all (insomnia).
  • Inexplicable pains.  There is an increase when it comes to physical complaints, like stomach pains, back pains and headaches.
  • Loss of focus. You’ll have problems concentrating, remembering things or making decisions.
  • Irresponsible Actions and Behavior.  Escaping reality by using drugs, engaging into dangerous sports, or gambling.
  • Energy Loss. Always feeling physically drained and fatigued.  All parts of your body is pretty heavy and even doing small tasks is very exhausting to you.
  • Irritability and Anger. Always restless and agitated. Your patience is very low, you become short-tempered and everyone is making you tick.

If you have experienced these symptoms, it is greatly advised that you seek the help of a counselor or a psychologist. In this way, you’ll have experts to look after you and ensure that you are coping with this disorder pretty well.

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